This is my second day in a row home sick from work with The Cold From Hell. I am running a fever, hence the staying home. However, I have some observations now about staying home – I think this is my longest sick leave from a job ever. When I was in school, I went to class unless I was throwing up.

  1. Being home sick is a great way to catch up on the stuff stored on your TiVo.
  2. Having a fever is really goddamn annoying. You’ve heard of “cold hands, warm heart”? Try “cold feet, freaking HOT everything else”.
  3. Vitamin C is a water-solumble vitamin, so any excess flushes out of your body quickly. This means taking two Vitamin C tablets over breakfast can indeed leave you needing more by dinner.
  4. “Supernatural” sure as heck looks like yet another crappy WB show.
  5. “Bones” was cheesy but funny. I think it may wind up as a double feature with “House”, another cheesy show I love anyway.
  6. “Threshold” kicks ass. I dig that they have a little person in the cast playing a part that clearly could have been played by someone of average stature. The only reference to his height was a cute little pause in his line “Oh, so you don’t like men who are (pause) smarter than you?” Also, Brent Spiner is awesome.
  7. I am almost caught up on “Battlestar Galactica” and still enjoying it. At least the Cylons haven’t had as many “OMG, we are SO EVIL! SERIOUSLY!” moments as they did for a while there.
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