Pterry and me

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I met Terry Pratchett again last week. Sorry I didn’t blog it sooner!

He spoke a little and signed books for ages, poor man.

Two things I have to brag about:

1) I almost gave him tylenol. My roomie was sitting down on a bench near the front of the line and was asked if she had any tylenol he could have. She didn’t, but she knew I never leave home without vast quantities of painkillers, so she came running up to me to get some. Sadly, someone else got back before she did, so he didn’t take mine.
2) He remembered me! The last time I saw Pterry, he remembered me too. See, I interviewed him back in 2001, then again in 2002 at the Discworld Con (yeah, I know, I gotta finish that writeup… heh). The first time, he teased me about how I say “cool!” all the time. The second time, he said, “Oh! You’re that girl from California who says ‘cool’ all the time!” This time, he remembered me, and that my name is weird. I was incredibly pleased.

Thank you, that is all.

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