Well, I saw Serenity tonight.
Joss Whedon, it appears, must join Peter Jackson in my list of “Directors I Love But Also Really Hate.” If I ever meet him, I will be severely tempted to slap him. Repeatedly.
That said, I loved the movie for the most part. As with Jackson’s work, it was mostly very good but the bits I hate, I really fucking hate. He shows his immaturity as a storyteller, which is pretty pathetic, considering how long he’s been telling stories. He also sets it up so it will be very difficult to make sequels, which is insulting to the fans who have worked so hard to make the film possible. The least he could do is make it so their hard work and likely repeat viewings of this film might be rewarded with more stories about the characters they love.
I am looking forward to being able to discuss it with more people. I am curious about what the hardcore fans will think of it.
I want to sleep on it before I get into the stuff I didn’t like, so y’all are safe from spoilers for the time being.

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