by Terry Pratchett
Pterry’s books just keep getting better. This one moved me to jaw-gaping mind-boggled suspense on several occasions and almost made me cry about three times. But then, I’m a huge sucker for Sam Vimes.
My only gripe is that he’s coming perilously close to making Ankh-Morpork too techie. I suspect that a subway is in the city’s future, and … I’m with Sam, sometimes I miss the days when it was just the four men of the Watch vs. the Dragon. There was a lot more Vetinari in the books back then, for one thing.
I did very much enjoy getting to learn more about Troll culture, however. That’s one thing that’s been largely (heh) overlooked in the books so far. And the Dwarf creation myth! Wow! Very apt, perfectly designed for their mindset. Pterry = genius.
I was very sad when the book ended, and not just because I didn’t want it to end. I want so very much to be able to write as well as Pterry. SO MUCH! But I suspect that a big part of his secret is that he’s just lived and written a lot, and observed human nature close-up. One more reason to make sure I don’t get hit by a bus, and to keep writing, I guess.
(Book 28 in 2005)

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