Linkety link

Several days’ worth of links here:

  • Belili – an interesting page about research into Goddess spirituality, with loads of references to books I have got to try and remember to get from the library.
  • The City – What if San Francisco were made of Jello… and an earthquake hit? (Thanks, Dave!)
  • The physics of bras – Interesting article in Discover about bras. (thanks, Ith!)
  • Says God – An oldie but a goodie.
  • Halloween Quiz – Dr. Joyce Brothers gives us a great Halloween facts/myths quiz.
  • DAH1500i – Cutest. Tiny. MP3 Player. EVER. (Thanks Antwon!)
  • Little, round, effective at destroying Western Civilization – Amanda of Pandagon rips Leon Kass a new one. Beautiful.
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