I almost filed this under “Political Shtuff”, it being right next to “Pure Ego”, and yanno, that category kinda fits too.
Today I ordered a DivaCup from Luna Pads. It came in a pack deal with two of their Luna MiniPads.
(Immature or grossed out by bodily functions? Stop reading now!)

In case you don’t know what the DivaCup is, it’s a reusable menstrual cup.
Reusable menstrual supplies are a big deal. They tackle rampant wastefulness and the menstrual taboo in one go. I mean, think about it: how many pads, pad wrappers, tampons, tampon wrappers, tampon applicators, and whatnot wind up in trash heaps? How much money do we women spend on this stuff only to throw it away?
And the only thing holding most of us back from reusable supplies (other than pure ignorance that such things exist) is that internal “ew, menstrual fluid!” response. Society does its best to condition us to believe that menstrual fluid is dirty and gross — think of the ads we see for pads and tampons. They all emphasize how discreet their products are. Photos show blue water being poured on pads to show how absorbent they are, rather than anything that even vaguely resembles the fluid those pads are meant to absorb!
It’s stupid.
As an environmentally aware feminist, I decided the time had come for me to practice what I preach a little more thoroughly. With any luck, my little pack from Luna Pads will get here before my next cycle, and I’ll be able to report on how well my new DivaCup works.
“But Ealasaid,” I hear you cry, “you were so unsure about discussing fibromyalgia in your blog, how come you’re so blase about posting on this subject in the first place?”
Because fibro is a somewhat rare condition and one about which it’s easy for me to whine.
Menstruation is something that has happened, will happen, or is happening right now to half the human population. Plus, this is something of a political issue, isn’t it? Women are pressured by society into trying to hide something that is a natural process! There is nothing wrong or gross about this.
Plus, of course, I like the idea of sharing a good financial deal with my readers, and this is one hell of a deal. $50 + shipping for a little pack that will let me stop buying tampons and pads for 4-5 years is a hell of a deal (especially considering how much I spend on that crap over 4-5 years… don’t get me started, gah).

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