Well, I did it.

After over a year with my old webhosting, I have moved my site to Pair Networks. “But Ealasaid,” I hear you cry, “I thought you got free hosting from your boyfriend???”
This is true. But his server, venerable though it is, is not quite up to handling some of the stuff I want to do… like, say, run Movable Type 3.2. Or be able to send email out on a consistent basis (the poor thing’s SMTP server is sort of the equivalent of a slightly crazy uncle who can hold a perfectly normal conversation 97% of the time, but 3% of the time will utterly refuse to do anything but spin in circles and cluck like a constipated chicken — usually at inopportune moments). This is fine for the bf, who does most of his email at odd hours of the morning when he has the focus to beat the server with a stick if it misbehaves and whose website is a coal-powered wall of ASCII, but it doesn’t work so well for yours truly, who sends email constantly all day and would like all the bells and whistles, please. Plus, of course, doing the puppy-eyed “If you really loved me, you’d upgrade your server” routine seemed like overkill when Pair has a plan that offers me everything I need and a few extra bells for about $160/year.
So, after a great deal of hemming and hawing and griping about what a pain in the ass it is to move five blogs when your host server can’t run TypeMover, I finally got everything moved over the holiday weekend. Huzzah. So far Pair is doing really well by me… but then, I haven’t had any problems yet. I have no idea how good their tech support is. Guess I’ll find out if/when something goes wrong.

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