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The Penultimate Predicament

by Lemony Snicket Read this while standing in line to get it stamped and signed by Dan Handler. I’d say it’s another slam-dunk in the Series of Unfortunate Events, and I really enjoyed it. Good show. But doods, don’t read … Continue reading

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Sociopath? Me?

So I read a series of articles about a boy who died of a mysterious blood disease and, in discussing it with my cousin, realized that his first reaction was “how sad” while mine was “wow, that is really interesting! … Continue reading

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I am: a rolodex Somehow this perennial data organizing device never quite succumbs to the digital age. Which office supply are you? Yeah, that seems apropos. I’m superorganized and although I’m a geek at heart I love low-fi tech too. … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia 101

Well, Cathryn had a good point in a comment below that she knows next to nothing about fibro and is always interested in learning more, so I figured, what the hey, why not post about it a bit? Firstly, some … Continue reading

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I mentioned it in my NaNo Blog but forgot to mention it here; I have a confirmed diagnosis of fibromyalgia. My doc is good, and we’re trying some meds, so hopefully that will work out. I’m debating how much to … Continue reading


Google-bombing for choice

An interesting idea: Google-bombing for choice. They appear to have succeeded in altering the top result for Googling Roe vs. Wade, which is cool. I approve.

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Yes, more links.

Open Source Toolbox – Free equivalents to commercial software. AWESOME. (Thanks, Dad!) Right to Wife – Fantastic article about Judge Alito’s ruling in Casey vs. Planned Parenthood (Alito being the guy appointed by Dubya to the Supreme Court, and Casey … Continue reading

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Linkety link

Several days’ worth of links here: Belili – an interesting page about research into Goddess spirituality, with loads of references to books I have got to try and remember to get from the library. The City – What if San … Continue reading

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I met Lemony Snicket!

I met Lemony Snicket! Originally uploaded by Ealasaid. Holy Moly! Look! I met Lemony Snicket! Well, OK, Mr. Snicket couldn’t make it. I met Daniel Handler, his representative. I took a ton of photos, of course. They’re in the same … Continue reading

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It’s that time of year again…

Yep, it’s November 1st. That can only mean one thing: It’s National Novel Writing Month! My NaNo blog is back in business and I am writing away. Rawk!

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