Word Freak

by Stefan Fatsis
I started this in 2005, but am still not done, so it goes in my 2006 pool. I’ll update with more detail once I’m finished, but so far I’m really enjoying it. Fatsis paints fascinating, detailed pictures of pro Scrabble players with his words, and is honest and hilarious without being mean. So awesome.

Updated 3/22/06: Huzzah, I have finally finished this book. Go me. It isn’t really the kind of book you put your feet up and read for a good time, but it’s very interesting to someone like me who plays Scrabble for fun. This book makes me want to study really hard and get better – if only because the author notes that there are very few female Scrabble players in the top ranks.
Actually, that fact makes me want to do a book about female Scrabble players. I think that would be really interesting. Hm…

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