Oh Em Gee!

Last night I went to a dinner thing hosted by Scott Johnson (formerly of Feedster and co-author of O’Reilly’s Essential Blogging). Dad and he go way back, which is kewl. There were tons of people there who work for awesome companies (including Nick G of Six Apart!) and I was slightly awestruck. I know, I fangirl out very easily.
But dood! Scott said I’m COOL! OMG! See!!!!!!!!!111one!!
So I guess I didn’t need to feel sorta awestruck after all.
Edited to add: It’s interesting to me that I get fangirly about Scott because he’s worked on a book for O’Reilly, yet he’s clearly Just A Guy ™. I mean, he’s friends with my Dad! I suppose the real lesson to get here is that the people I fangirl over really ARE just people. Fortunately, I am quite capable of fangirling over folks AND seeing them as human beings. I know these preople are regular folks, but that doesn’t stop me from being a fan. After all, people can be totally awesome and still be human. Not all people are losers. Part of the point of my fangirling is celebrating the awesomeness of people who deserve it.
Wow, I sense an essay lurking here. Something to think about.

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