Important lessons

Well, I learned an important lesson this week: don’t cut any prescription drugs cold turkey without double-checking with someone (like, say, your Doctor, or possibly teh intarnets) that you can do so without going into withdrawal. To make a long story short, I stopped taking my Cymbalta last week so I could take part in a clinical trial of a new fibro drug, and got slammed with withdrawal symptoms. What really bites is that I got rejected for the study when I did my in-person lab screening! (I’m not in enough pain, can you believe it?) I know, I know, I should’ve checked, but nobody at my doctor’s office or the clinic where the trial was being run suggested it might be a bad idea when I mentioned it to them. Note to self: next time, ask point blank and get a real answer.
So that’s where I’ve been. Work was taking 100% of my focus so I had no mental energy to blog.

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