Letter from the past

I got a letter today from my past self, via Futureme.org. It was strange to read the words I wrote to myself a year ago. I wish I’d written more – in the intervening months, so much has changed that I have trouble remembering what was going on. I ought to go dig out my journal from back then and see. I can tell that I was having a hard time – I signed off with the sentences I wish you could write back. I could use the reassurance.

Things are going incredibly well for me now. A year ago, could I have imagined that I’d get my tech writing career rolling? That I’d not only still be with my wonderful bf but that we’d be even more in love? Of course, since then I’ve been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, but I don’t really regard that as a calamity. It’s annoying, but it doesn’t really affect my life that much on a daily basis because I refuse to let it. I’m a lot happier than I was a year ago, I think.
It really drives home the point that things do change, and often for the better if you just keep trying. A year ago I was still teaching for most of my income, a job which I am good at but find incredibly unpleasant day-in-day-out. Now I hardly teach at all – I still have one tutoring student, but that’s it. I see her once a week, and she’s a great student to work with. I’ve simplified my schedule immensely, and am feeling good about it.
Maybe tomorrow I’ll go back to Futureme.org and write a letter to the me of 2007. This time I’ll include more detail, though, and fewer questions.

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