I’m okay…

… but my car? Not so much. *sigh* At least AAA is being awesome. And the guy who hit me was nice.
OK, here’s what happened, in a nutshell.

I was looking for a bank in my credit union’s network, but having trouble finding it. While sitting at a light to turn left, I thought my light had turned. After all, the cars next to me were going! So I made the turn…But there were people honking at me. My train of thought went something like this:
“Why are people honking?” *Looks around*
“Holy shit, the left turn arrow is red! I shall gun it to get out of the way posthaste!” I was 2/3 through the intersection already, and that seemed safer than stopping. Unfortunately, that thought was immediately followed by:
Poor guy. He tried to stop.
I got out. He got out. We were both okay, but I was pretty rattled. He called the cops to report the accident, and it all proceeded pretty normally. Everyone was very nice – the guy, the cop, etc.
So now I’m dealing with my insurance (AAA), who are also being very nice! I’m going to get my car towed to the body shop my family uses (it’s going to take a flatbed – although I could drive it last night, the back tire is going flat and now the wheelwell is pressing against the tire). AAA is paying for a rental car for me, which is awesome.
I’m getting more pix up on Flickr because, let’s face it, this is crazy. The side where he hit me is all trashed. My car did a good job, though – I was fine. I don’t know how fast we were going when we collided, everything in my car got thrown around – but I’m fine! No bruises, no whiplash, no nothing. Just scared. I think it helped that I didn’t see the truck until right before it hit me, so I wasn’t all tense and braced.
I spent the evening hanging with the bf and his friends, which was a good antidote to having the crap scared out of me. So… yeah. I’m fine. The guy in the other vehicle is fine. Nobody was an asshole – everyone was nice. Really, if I had to be in an accident, this is pretty much the ideal way for everything to be going. I’m just mad that my Frylock sticker is probably going to be lost – it looks like that door will need to be totally replaced (the inside is broken too). But hey, I can get a new sticker, yanno?

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