Miscellaneous Notes

1) Doing my taxes is really annoying this year. I keep finding deductions I missed. Now, on the one hand, this is awesome because it means I save money (for every $400 of deduction I find, I save about $100 in taxes and so far I’ve found almost $2000 of deductions). On the downside, I was dumb enough to do my taxes in pen and thus keep whiting out because I don’t want to rewrite the whole thing. Somehow this makes sense to me. I’m too lazy to recopy my taxes, but not lazy enough to use a program instead of doing them by hand. *headdesk*
2) Reading childfree and feminist communities/blogs is awesome on one hand but a bad idea on the other. It’s awesome because I like reading news and opinions from people whose philosophies jibe with mine in important ways. It’s a bad idea in that it makes me depressed and cranky. Modern society really harshes on the childfree and the feminist in a lot of ways. Sure, there have been major strides on both fronts in the last 50 years or so, but still. There’s plenty of stuff going on all the time to piss me off. I can’t decide if I should quit reading them altogether or just really, really, really pare down the ones I read. *sigh*
3) Even with all my attempts to pare my schedule down to a manageable level of chaos, I am still tragically busy. WTF?

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