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Miscellaneous Notes

1) Doing my taxes is really annoying this year. I keep finding deductions I missed. Now, on the one hand, this is awesome because it means I save money (for every $400 of deduction I find, I save about $100 … Continue reading

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This is a great idea. According to Belmont County Department of Job and Family Services Director Dwayne Pielech, his organization is looking into the possibility of paying women not to get pregnant. … Pielech said certain community groups may be … Continue reading

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The Foremen!

Dood! The Foremen are coming out with a “best of” album! Yay! And Metaphor records contacted me about pimping it on my Foresite. Holy schlamoly. So I have some info up there about it, go check it out! I’ve also … Continue reading

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Is this a Silicon Valley thing?

I’ve noticed something lately about myself and I’m wondering if it’s a Silicon Valley thing or a generational thing. Basically, when it comes to communication that’s designed to convey information (i.e., not just sittin’ around shootin’ the shit or telling … Continue reading