I’m liveblogging the Blogger Meetup. Go me.
Twon sez: “I’m a loud shut-in!”
Rich totally video’d me throwing the horns. I am the current video on his home page. Dunno how long I’ll be there, so go look now!
My cousin Keith is chillin with us, and … wow, now we’re talking about Amish vampires. Elkit says it would be a great movie – Transylvania Dutch! It would star Bruce Campbell! And have a cameo by Weird Al! Awesome.
“That rhymes with T and that sounds like P and that stands for Porn!” wants users to sign up for the beta test of their search engine… and they’ve cleverly found a way to make people vie to send them lots of feedback and get their friends to sign up and stuff. Heh.
Dood, people are totally ditching already, and it’s not even nine o’clock! WTF???
Hillbilly Ghostbusters! “I reckon y’ain’t supposed to cross the streams!”
One of Rich’s friends used to be on Saved by the Bell … when it sucked.
Whoa, a discussion of how to make the Olympics into extreme sports. Like, during the pole vault you have to shoot a bird while you’re in midair. Awesome.
“Spider-Bat, Spider-Bat!” “He’s got a secret identity… as a different bat!”
Rich and I threw the TiVo gang sign. It’s awesome.
Whoa, I just used the phrase “true feminists” here at the blogger meetup. Crazy.
“Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are: I fell on my keys.”
We educated Keith about Naked Bea Arthur.
During a discussion which went off on a tangent about how to protect your drink from being drugged at a party, it was observed that gals should just drink out of a sippy cup so nobody could slip anything into their drinks. Twon: “Zima in a sippy cup, doo dah, doo dah!” Rich: “Yeah, if I ever have a daughter, I’ll tell her she can go to wild college parties, but she has to drink everything out of a sippy cup.”

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