Doing better

For the curious, I’m doing better today. Saw my chiropractor and nutritionist yesterday. The chiropractor discovered I had a Hiatal Hernia and promptly pulled my stomach down where it belongs. As I told him, that definitely takes the cake as the weirdest thing he has ever done to me (and this is the guy who routinely goes all Steven Segal on my neck, then twists me into a prezel and jumps on me).
My nutritionist thinks the reason I’ve felt so lousy is that I’m sensitive to DHEA. See, I’m taking DHEA supplements to help my adrenal system out, but my adrenals are coming back online – so now they’re producing DHEA too. My nutritionist thought they’d have to take me off the DHEA in another month or so, but apparently even having a little too much in my system is enough to make me sick. He said that some women react poorly to excess DHEA because their body transforms it too quickly into estrogen, and to stop taking it and see if I get better. Whee.
Also, my nutritionist remains convinced that I’m gluten-sensitive, and doesn’t want to let me challenge my body with gluten until I’m way healthier because he’s so sure I’ll react. Grrrrrr. I remain unconvinced.

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