Well, dayumm.

You may have said to yourself, “self, I seem to remember that Ealasaid has a bunch of unread books. I wonder how she’s doing on making her way through them?”
Well, here’s the answer. I got a new bookshelf today and am using it for my unread books collection. Here it is:
Unread books
That doesn’t include the books in my bedroom (about 4, I think) or the half dozen or so unread books over on my religious/metaphysical bookshelf. Yeesh.
OK, that’s it. No more buying unread books, even with my fancy schmancy credits from my Borders credit card. NO MORE. Not until I’ve read at least half the books on that shelf (measured by shelf space, since I really haven’t the heart to count ’em). When that bookcase is down to only three shelves of books, I can buy new books.

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