My body is rebelling

Apparently going several weeks without a proper sleeping-in-on-the-weekend and then spending about a week getting only 7 hrs a night instead of 8 and then having houseguests has pushed it over the edge.
Yesterday I was so tired I took a personal day and went home and slept, nearly non-stop, from 10am until 8pm. Then I had dinner, watched a little TV, and went back to bed. Where I slept another eight hours.
The sad part?
When I blink my brain thinks maybe I might, yanno, really be lying down and in bed, and it starts shutting everything down in preparation for sleep. Even when I’m walking down the hallway. Sheesh.
So, fine. Body, you win. I won’t go to the midnight showing of “Office Space” in Santa Cruz tonight. I won’t set an alarm tomorrow OR Sunday. Okay? I’ll even refrain from drinking much booze in celebration of Antwon’s bday, so as not to mess up your precious sleep cycles.

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