Well! I got good news at HealthNOW today!
It seems I have made it past the most intense phase of treatment into the “finding a regimen that works long-term” phase.
(Edited 10/31)

Here’s what is going on now on the different fronts:
General Chiropractic/Physical Therapy: I’m taking 30 days off, then going in again for a re-evaluation. If I feel the need for an adjustment, I can come in (and am encouraged to do so).
Lower Back: They’ve put a small (5mm) lift in one shoe in an effort to have gravity pull my high hip down a bit. Currently it’s making my lower back feel good. When my lower back starts hurting again, I go in for a 3mm lift to replace the 5mm one.
General Food allergies/nutrition: I got the results from a blood test for allergens. All the positive results were 1s and 2s (the highest level is 5), so that was a good sign. I’m to consume things with 2s only rarely, and things with 1s no more than twice a week. The one exception is milk and chocolate, which we know I’m really allergic to and so I didn’t consume them before the test … and they showed up anyway. So those are still in the “very very rarely if at all” column.

Very Very Rarely If At All Rarely Sometimes is OK Holding off to retest later
Milk, cheese, chocolate Tofu, millet, eggs Codfish, mustard, soy, baker’s yeast (ie, bread) Corn, citrus

That’s not too hideous, really.
We’re hoping that restricting those allergens/irritants and continuing to vacuum the apartment regularly will help my overall health improve the rest of the way (my intestines and urinary tract are a LOT happier now, but my energy levels.
The corn and citrus aren’t allergens, strictly speaking; they irritate my innards and trigger my IBS (yeah, ew, I know). The theory is that if we let my innards heal up eventually I’ll be ok with them again. *fingers crossed* I am planning to re-test them in December.
Supplements: I’m slowly easing off the Cymbalta still, and when I run out of most of my nutritional supplements I’m going to be replacing them with a multivitamin pack from HealthNOW. I’ll still be taking triptophan to help me sleep and going in once a week or so as needed for B-complex shots, but that’ll be about it.
Yay! No more three-times-a-week to the doctor for me! HOOOORAAAAYYYY!!!!
I’m still working hard to get plenty of sleep – eight hours a night during the week, and 9+ on weekends. I’m also trying to get plenty of exercise – that’ll be a LOT easier without thrice-weekly 1.5hr trips to Sunnyvale! HOORAY. It’s really nice to see some results from all the work I’ve been doing.

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