Balancing act

Or, Why Ealasaid Can’t Do That Thing With You Tomorrow/Next Week/Ever.

E’s Paying Gigs Fun Stuff E Does E’s Chores
40-hr/wk “real” job
Movie Reviews
Finishing up Crows Encounters
Planning The Wedding
The Red Pages
Blogger get togethers
Podcast listening
Taking photos and posting them on Flickr
Watching TV shows (both with the fiancé and alone)
Watching discs from Netflix
Sort music collection
Play Guitar Hero
Spiritual practice
Keeping the apartment tidy
Paying bills
Finishing unpacking/sorting/trashing stuff from the Pile O’ Crap
Keeping myself and the cats in good health
Holiday shopping
The annual newsletter/Yule Cards

Wow. No wonder my To Do list is so damn long.
It’s nice to be healthy enough to actually handle all this!

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