Bottle of Blog sums it up: “It wasn’t just Republican Congressmen who took a “thumping” yesterday. Apparently, the few remaining grown-ups in the modern Republican party grabbed the Oedipal Boy King by his hair and dragged him out behind the woodshed, pulled down his short pants and gave him The Spanking That Was Six Years In The Making.”
Now, there’s a lot of work to be done, but I am so pleased by so many of the results from this week’s election (Dems take back the House and maybe the Senate too! Arizona rejects anti-Gay-Marriage amendment! South Dakota rejects “only raped Christian virgins excepted” forced-birth law! The first ever Muslim is elected to Congress! We voted down the forced-birther’s bill here in CA! AGAIN!) that it’s hard for me to be too bummed out by the bad things (The Gubernator is back, California is about to be in a shitload of debt, and we can’t even tax oil or smokers to bring in some cash. Crap. And Bush is prez for 2 more years).

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