So, I finished my MP3 sorting project
But somehow I am having a lot of trouble stanadardizing my tags, and a lot of songs don’t have track numbers or albums or ANYTHING.
After spending entirely too long trying to fix things by hand, I have decided to use the ever-awesome Music Brainz Tagger instead. Basically, it compares your MP3 to its database of songs other people have tagged and takes a guess at what your MP3 is. I have found it’s usually pretty damn good.
This is going to delay my ability to get the newly-sorted MP3s onto my player, but I can’t do that at the moment anyway because my desktop’s power supply is dead. Wheee. I’ve replaced just about every part of that poor old computer over the years. New motherboard, new hard drives, new CD drives (so I could write CDs and DVDs), etc. Whee! If I were less brave, I would no doubt have caved by now and just bought a new system. But yanno, the parts are a lot cheaper. I can get a new power supply for a LOT less than a new system. So there.

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