Well, I did it.

I have swallowed my pride and am conducting an experiment. I have put Google AdSense on the individual archive pages in this blog. I’m adding it to the individual archive pages in my other blogs too. If they start raking in the dough, they stay. If they’re only getting me a dollar or so a month, they go. I don’t mind being a little bit of a shill if it earns me mad money (and I know I get a lot of search traffic. You should see the comments I get on ancient posts from people searching for random stuff… seriously. Some of these people are nuts. I AM NOT AN ACTOR ! I JUST WRITE ABOUT THEM! GOD!)
So if you hit an individual archive page and see an ad and go “OMG Ealasaid said she’d never put ads on her blogs!” remember it’s just an experiment.
And that I have mad bills to pay. Freakin’ student loans.

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