Why? Let me see…

  • My fibro is flaring up something fierce. I’ve been at a 4 or higher on the pain scale for several days now.
  • Several of my joints are starting to ache a lot – but it feels like injury, not fibro.
  • I need to get the guest list for the wedding finished but there are a million little details I need to dredge up to get it in order – mostly people’s last names. Gah.
  • I want to open a Roth IRA and get my shit together saving for retirement, but reading prospectuses (prospecti?) makes me want to bang my head on the desk until I reach sweet, sweet oblivion.
  • I have a trunkload of stuff to donate (mostly women’s clothes and kid’s toys), ideally to a women’s shelter … but the only shelters I can find around here are church run and I don’t want to support a shelter that hassles people with the Gospel while helping them.
  • Work is annoying me. Why is a long story which I won’t get into here. Suffice to say that I love my job but at the moment the work of it is annoying. I keep telling myself that this is why they pay me so much – if it was fun all the time, I wouldn’t be as highly paid, right?

I think that’s everything. At any rate, I just wanted to piss and moan about all this a little.
But, so as not to go out on such a cranky note, here’s a list of things that are going well for me:

  • The cats are really warming up to the fiance. (Proof!).
  • My goldfish at work are doing well.
  • My pony, Shane, seems to be responding to the treatment of his nasty facial abcess.
  • I’ve had time to actually read some books lately.

So there’s that. Things aren’t universally sucky. Just fairly sucky.

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