Thank goodness.

I was not impressed with Blood & Chocolate, the movie I saw this week. As much as I love sharpening my proverbial pen and laying into a bad movie, it’s annoying to have to sit through a piece of crap. It’s even worse when I have to wedge said piece of crap into my schedule with much inconvenience. If I’m going to be inconvenienced, dammit, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that the movie be good. Sheesh. No wonder so many movie reviewers get so embittered against bad movies.
At least I have some fun stuff to look forward to!
2/2: The Messengers: William B. Davis acting, Sam Raimi producing, nuff said. Even if it sucks, I want to see it.
2/9: Hannibal Rising: I adore Hannibal. Again, even if it sucks, I want to see it. I hear the actor is pretty damn good as Hannibal, so I’m game.
2/16: Ghost Rider: Nicholas Cage in a cheesy supernatural superhero movie? I’m there. At least he can actually be campy in a crap movie (See also: Con Air)
3/2: Zodiac: a movie about SF’s own never-caught, uber-mysterious serial killer? Sure. I’m game. Besides, the previews are good.
3/23: TMNT: TMNT = Ealasaid Is There. This is the first Turtles movie in FREAKIN AGES.

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