Hippo birdie two me!

Well, I’m 29. My last year of being a twenty-something. Let’s see how I’m doing on my 25 Things To Do In The Next 25 Years:

  1. Learn Javascript.
  2. Find The One True Job – I think my current gig sure counts. Pays well and I like it.
  3. Get my sites under control.
  4. Get truly fluent in Latin
  5. Write a novel and get it published
  6. Get a black belt in Aikido
  7. Learn to speak another language
  8. Get a motorcycle
  9. See Edward Gorey’s house
  10. Visit all 50 states, even if only briefly
  11. Be a car’s first owner
  12. Have a room in my domicile that’s just for
    – I think my den counts.

  13. Get my quotes collection into a database – have started this.
  14. Get paid to review movies
  15. Get paid to write fiction
  16. Own a pair of knee-high boots – got ’em for the wedding.
  17. Roadtrip across the country
  18. Stand on the Great Wall of China
  19. See the pyramids
  20. Overcome my fear of programming
  21. Ride an elephant
  22. Keep writing in my journal
  23. Get a hybrid engine car
  24. Get a flat tummy. Not a sixpack, just flat
  25. Find someone to spend the last 50 years of my
    life with

Hm. Not a perfect list. For one thing, “Keep writing in my journal” isn’t much of a “thing to do,” is it? It’s a repeated thing. Feh. I do write in my journal every day, now, though, so that’s something. Also, I think I’ve changed my mind about the motorcycle – I love the way they look but the rational part of my brain knows they’re damn dangerous – I kind of prefer my transportation to not leave me QUITE so open to cars going 70 mph. I suppose I could get a motorcycle and just ride it on the surface streets, but… meh. Hell, a car going 45mph can still kill you. At least on a bike I’m not out in the middle of traffic quite so much. And not going quite so fast myself as I’d be going on a bike.
I am losing my hardcoreness as I age! Ack!
Maybe when I turn 30 I’ll change the list a bit, eh? Not a bad idea.
At any rate: Happy birthday to me. Here’s to being 29.

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