Dead Witch Walking (Rachel Morgan, Book 1)

By Kim Harrison
Rachel Morgan is a witch in a slightly alternate version of our world. Years ago there was a plague started by a bio-engineered tomato and many regular humans died. Like, most of them. The nonhumans – witches, vampires, and so on, were unaffected, and with their numbers more proportional to the regular humans, they decided to come out of the shadows.
Rachel starts the book as a sort of paranormal FBI agent, working for an organization which polices nonhumans. She quits, though, tired of her boss treating her like crap. Her friend Ivy, a not-quite-full-blooded vampire, quits with her and the two hole up while the agency vents its anger. They don’t like broken contracts. The only way to get the agency off their backs (aside from dying) is to pay off their contracts, so Rachel and Ivy set out to bust the biggest supernatural drug dealer in town, figuring that will square them with the agency. But he’s not what he seems, of course, or this would be a pretty dull book.
It’s not. It’s a fun romp and I’m looking forward to reading more of the series!
Book 15 in 2007.

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