Various and Sundry

I’m too busy/tired/scattered for a good update, but I have several things in my browser I’ve been meaning to blog about, so here you go.
Meet the Joneses is an interactive comedy. Fans can work on scripts and stuff, apparently. Crazy.
Does Being a Feminist Mean Voting for Hillary? – Courtney Martin lays out her indecision regarding the woman who may well be the first viable female presidential candidate. Personally, I think being a feminist means judging Hillary on her merits, not her gender, so I will not be voting for her in the primaries. I can’t stand the woman anymore.
Dreams – an XKCD strip about thinking twice before posting on the intarwebs because a future employer might read it. Made me say “RIGHT ON!”
Fireworks Above, Trouble Below – it never occurred to me that fireworks, which I love, might be a nasty environmental hazard. Man. Now I don’t know what to do.
Online Journal or Blog? – Mortaine’s post is spot-on about the difference.
Nerdcore News on YouTube! OMG!
Okay, I’m Finally Sold – Rick lays out the last straw for him and why he is finally ready to ITMFA

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