7:02pm – Elke has arrived, so I guess the Bloggers meet has officially begun. She found us a table in the warmer front area of Coffee Society, yay.

7:06pm – Rich is here, yay!
7:12pm – Hank is here. We have quite a little group! Now if the stupid sun would just set so it’s not shining right in our eyes…
7:33pm – Barry Eisler writes interesting books. I’ve just requested the first one from Frugal Reader so I can check them out. He came up because Hank does marketing/publicity/whatever stuff for him. Awesome.
7:43pm – Yay, sun has ducked below the other buildings so it’s not in our eyes. Yay!
7:44pm – Monster Crochet is full of awesome.
7:50pm – well, crap. I totally forgot to bring my damn power adapter. So I gotta shut down soon. Sigh.

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