LJ: We Know Drama

Man. SixApart has stuck their foot in it again. Since they bought LiveJournal they’ve just been messing things up over and over. The latest thing is that they’re banning folks who’ve shelled out $150+ on the service, with no warning, for posting content which may or may not violate the very vague terms of service. That’s bad enough, but now they’re handling the reaction of their customers very, very badly. Oh, and they don’t shut down pro-anorexia sites which tell gals how to starve themselves more effectively and hide the symptoms better because those are “support groups.” (Link)
I have an LJ account (which I don’t use except for commenting), and I read a lot of stuff on LJ. I also use a blogging tool created by SixApart. It depresses me that they’re handling this so badly. Sigh.
Edited to add: useful tools for those thinking about leaving LJ

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