Quirky Meme

I was tagged by Becca, so here I am.

1 – List seven weird/quirky habits about myself
2 – Tag seven people to do the same
3 – not just say “whoever wants to do it” or refuse to tag people
Personally, I think #3 is kind of stupid. YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME, MEME! As a principled person, I shake my fist and refuse to tag. As a person who likes going along with what folks want, I want to tag people.
So, a compromise: if you are one of the seven people left on earth who hasn’t done this meme yet, you are tagged.

  1. I love things like lolthulhu way more than is healthy.
  2. I rarely make Halloween costumes because they are so much work the way I do them. But I love dressing up.
  3. I collect photos of spiders even though I find them creepy as hell.
  4. I collect skulls. I have two real skulls (I used to have two more but they have been misplaced somehow, dammit), and countless fake ones. The pride of my collection are on display in my library.
  5. I meticulously organize anything I have a lot of – my library, my music collection, my tshirts. Seriously, I usually have at least three characteristics I am sorting by at one time. My library, for example, is sorted like this: Genre/collection>author>date.
  6. I can’t walk out on movies, even if they suck. I’m just not wired for it (especially now that I write movie reviews).
  7. My favorite foods are nearly always the ones I’m allergic or otherwise sensitive to (pomegranate juice, corn chips, chocolate in nearly all forms…)
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