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Here they come

The forced-birthers (aka the pro-coathanger brigade!) are at it again… and this time in my home state! Forty Days for Life Sacramento, among others, will be protesting 24/7 outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Sacramento, Fresno, and other places. Stand with … Continue reading


The Way of the Traitor

By Laura Joh Rowland I devoured this in a few hours while waiting for a badly-delayed airplane. It’s a quick read, with loads of interesting details. I have read several other books in this series about Sano Ichiro, the Shogun’s … Continue reading

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The Myth of Matriarchal Pre-History: Why a Manufactured Past Won’t Give Women a Future

By Cynthia Eller This fascinating book painstakingly skewers all the hogwash matriarchalist feminists and matriarchalist pagans have been pushing for ages. In short, the old time when all the world was run by women and everything was peace and harmony … Continue reading

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Avast, ye landlubbers!

How to Talk Like A Pirate! Via Peter. As usual, I failed to remember Talk Like A Pirate Day. Sigh.

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Loving What Is

By Byron Katie This is an interesting book. I read it very quickly, and found it surprisingly powerful. I didn’t much care for her take on physical pain, which she seems to be that it will be perfectly bearable if … Continue reading

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Have finally booklogged Harry Potter 7.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

By J. K. Rowling Well, it’s finally over. Spoilers abound below. Be warned.

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Heh. Careers!

EDITED TO ADD: Turns out this meme is using a nonprofit’s login for the site. I’ve heard from friends that the login has stopped working, so hopefully the nonprofit has changed their password. Sigh. Wish I’d known sooner. Hmmm… 1. … Continue reading


Yay! Headache answers!

Well, as of yesterday we have a plausible explanation for my stupid headache. Yay! Basically, I have a major case of estrogen dominance going on right now, probably because I changed my birth control methods earlier this year (going off … Continue reading

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The Brave One

I just posted my review of The Brave One. As usual, just before sending it off, I read Roger Ebert’s review of the same movie. As usual, it made me kind of sad. I really hope I’ll be as good … Continue reading

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