Live blogging the meetup

7:05pm Woo, Peter showed up! The meetup is officially begun!

7:16pm – Hank is here! Yay! We’re discussing comment spam.
7:25pm – Hank says: a big difference between liberals and conservatives is that liberals don’t necessarily close themselves off from folks of differing opinions. He’s had experiences with conservative folks refusing to read novels by people whose politics are different from their own, even if it’s not in the novel. This is an interesting point, but I think that there are plenty of super-hardcore liberals who close off from disagreement. I’ve run across them plenty of times. So maybe the real thing is that extremists close themselves off and moderates don’t.
7:31pm – woo, Rich and his gf are here, wooo!
7:36pm – great, they’re talking about Apple software. Dammit, this group needs more PC people! Long Live PCs! Hell, I’d take a Linux person or three. Sigh.
7:44pm – Kevin is here!
8:15pm – Kate (Rich’s gf) and I are talking girl stuff and dogs. The boys are talking about football or something, I don’t know, we’re not listening.

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