HAH! Take that, Fred Phelps!

The Westboro Baptist Church lost a lawsuit brought by the father of a fallen soldier whose funeral they picketed.
I support the First Amendment 100%, but the WBC are not behaving in a way that is protected by it. They are actively seeking to cause emotional distress, not just to express their opinions. I hope this lawsuit sets a precedent which enables other people they target to sue their asses off. Phelps is savvy enough that he will probably stop picketing funerals after one or two suits like this go against him.
‘course, now I have to wonder what he’ll come up with next. That man is a disgrace to Christians everywhere. I really think that Christian churches who are opposed to what he’s doing need to stand up to him and other fundamentalists. Christianity can be an awesome religion, but the awful, nasty churches are the ones that get all the press. The good churches ought to do something about it rather than letting people like Phelps crap all over the mission of their Christ. Even just publicizing the good work churches do would be a start. Counter-protests would be even better.

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