Woo Hoo!

I have finally finished entering alllll my “read” books into LibraryThing! Yay! I have 951 books in that category, wow.
And they are all available for loan!

Well, except the ones that are already out on loan. :)
I’ve said for some time that I wouldn’t add my unread books into the catalog until I’d read them, but I realized that if I catalog them all now, it’ll be a LOT easier to count them. And since I’ve decided to ration my book buying according to how many unread books I have on hand, an easy way to track how many unread books I have will make my life a lot simpler.
So: if a book is tagged “not for loan,” it’s not for loan. If it’s tagged “available for loan,” then it’s available. :) I’m going to try to update tags according to what’s loaned out, we’ll see how that works. If I can use LibraryThing to track book loaning, my life will be even simpler (I figure I can tag things “out on loan” and use the comment field to track who borrowed ’em and when).
So how is my book rationing going to work, I hear you ask?
Well. I estimate I have about 300 unread books (I’m still entering them all into LibraryThing, though, so I don’t have an exact number). I figure that as I reach nice, round cutoffs every 20 books, I shall allow myself to buy new books. The number of new books bought will depend on my finances on hand, rather than be a predetermined amount. HOWEVER! Once I’ve exercised the privilege of buying books at a given unread book level, I can’t do it again. So if I get my unread pile down to, say, 240 books and then buy ten books, so it’s at 250, I have to make it down to 220 before I’m allowed to buy new books.
Once I’ve finished inputting all my unread books, I shall add a section in the lefthand sidebar tracking my unread books progress. Woot.

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