Music Meme

Ganked from Becca.
Put your music player on shuffle/random. Post lyrics from the first 20 songs that play (ignore instrumentals!). Have your friends guess the songs – or just marvel at your strange music collection!
This should be entertaining. I’m going to skip past all podcasts as well as instrumentals. And some of these will be really obvious, but others even I wouldn’t get — I don’t listen to all the music on my player with any regularity.

  1. C’mon, if ya please, I got no time for trivialities. I got a girl who’s waiting home for me tonight.
  2. Her kind of lovin’ done made me her slave. Sweet turtledovin’s all that I crave.
  3. If you can’t give me like 20 bucks, I’ll be forced to tell the internet how much you suck.
  4. Switch hitter, you know she plays the field — she ain’t concerned, oh, as long as it’s real
  5. I came to New York to start gypsy punk revolt. Now that it’s rockin’ so why don’t I just go home?
  6. Shit, I been shot so many ways I can’t remember the last way I got shot.
  7. (Jeez, is there a single verse in “White Christmas” that doesn’t contain the freakin’ title?)
  8. The worried man dropped down to his knees and let out with a somber groan. He looked up at me, and when I asked, he said, I’m just restin’ my bones.
  9. Willst du bis der tod euch scheidet treu ihr sein fr alle tage? Nein! Nein! (Will you until death does sever be upright to her forever? No! No!)
  10. i like the innocent type deer in the headlight rockin me all night flexin his might doin it right keepin me tight takin a bite out of the peach tonight
  11. Here without you I get so lonely and I so get blue, yes I do. It seems to keep rainin’ and rainin’ more and more.
  12. World wide releases, soundtracks for the city, soundtracks for the powder rooms and pukin in the VIP.
  13. You are sickened by the weakness of a heart that’s filled with fear. And if the world won’t understand you, you can make it disappear.
  14. Internet hustler, the money, how I made it come up like sunny.
  15. See that cat, yeah I do mean you. See that cat, yeah I do mean you.
  16. I got women to the right of me. I got women to the left of me. I got chicks all around me!
  17. All the corpses were there, some were proud in their elegant shrouds, and some were cold and bare.
  18. Want to be more than info superhighway traffic? Want to me more than a walking demographic?
  19. Twitchin with the witches, flyin higher than a kite…
  20. Come, Susie dear, lets take a walk just out there upon the beach. I know you’ll soon be married and you’ll want to know where winds come from

There we go!

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