To Tweet, Or Not To Tweet, That Is The Question

Via Earthdog, I read this piece on about why the author has quit Twitter. It gave me some food for thought. The conclusions of said thought are:
The folks who are talking about how useless Twitter is seem to be missing the point. A lot of them are the kind of Twitterer I try not to be: one who compulsively updates any time they change from their previous status, and one who reads the updates of every single person who has friended them or whom they’ve friended. Folks in the comments talked like Twitter took up hours out of their days.
I believe those people are Doing It Wrong.
I only receive by text message the updates of the cream-of-the-crop: folks who are very close to me or whose posts I find very interesting (or those who post less than once a day on average). I only read via RSS the updates of folks I like or find interesting. High post frequency usually results in my dropping a person from those whose updates I get on my phone, and a low post interestingness usually results in my dropping a person from my Twitter feed altogether (I may keep them on my Following list so I can check in occasionally, but I won’t read their updates regularly).
I try only to post when I am (a) doing something interesting or (b) have an interesting observation to make. I do not always succeed (as you can see by my recent Tweet, “Running errands,” heh), but I do try to post fewer than three times a day.
Twitter takes up maybe, MAYBE, 15 minutes of my day, if you include the time it takes to feel my phone vibrate, retrieve my phone, open my phone, read the message, and delete the message. I like Twitter, because it’s interesting to me what my interesting friends/family/acquaintances are doing. I like when Earthdog tweets a question and I have an answer. It’s a fun, quick way to communicate.
I genuinely believe the folks who think Twitter is evil and a waste of time are doing it wrong. Like a lot of things on the web, it can be a really useful and fun tool … or it can be turned into a time sink. The trick is not to turn it into a time sink.

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