Hi, Mike!

OK, so I’m reading through Mike Birbiglia‘s old Secret Public Journal entries, and I found this one in which he says: “I don’t even Google myself anymore; I get “Google alerts.” Which means the Google Robot emails you when you’ve been mentioned on a blog or a website.”
That kind of made me go, whoa! What if Mike has totally seen the times I blogged about him here? That would be awesome! Because I adore Mike. He and Gabriel Iglesias are my co-favorite comedians of all time (they are both too incredibly awesome to favor one over the other). He probably hasn’t checked me out on account of he is probably blogged about all the time because he tours and is on Comedy Central and stuff, but hey, let a fangirl have her fantasies, okay?
So: Mike, if you’re reading this, Hi! You are awesome!
And, if you’re not Mike, hi anyway. And if you don’t know who Mike is, I linked a couple of his bits from this entry, or you can get his special, “What I Should Have Said Was Nothing,” from Netflix. Check him out.

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