OK, I’ve been letting this sit until I could write a coherent post about it. I am still not at that point.
Please read this and this (both by the marvelous Naamah) and then take action here. The feds are trying to classify hormonal birth control methods as abortifactants — which would make them illegal in the event that Roe v. Wade got overturned. Neve rmind that some women take the Pill for reasons other than contraception, never mind that hormonal birth control prevents implantation and without implantation there is no abortion possible because without implantation you are not pregnant. Worse, it sounds like this rule would let “crisis pregnancy centers” (which will bully, lie, and generally mess with you to prevent you from getting contraception or abortion services or information) get federal funds to operate! GRR. SUCH BULLSHIT! EALASAID SMASH!
I am still a fervent Obama supporter in spite of his bullshit comments on abortion (also linked by Naamah in her posts). Even with his “oh, mental health isn’t a real reason to get a late-term abortion” schtick he is still way better on the subject than McCain. Obama is smart enough to know that “mental health” issues around pregnancy are why Andrea Yates killed her five children, for example (postpartum psychosis is real, people. Look into it). I think Obama was pandering to the Christian magazine he was being interviewed by when he said that shit. Yes pandering sucks, but I knew when I first became a supporter of the man that he was a politician. I’m not so much of an idealist to believe that one can get elected without at least a little pandering.
ETA: Naamah has a wonderful para-by-para analysis of the HHS memo thingie here. Go. Read. Your blood will boil. I know mine did. I think it’s time to bust out the stationary and write a few handwritten letters to various representatives.

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