A handful of things:
– the panel I mentioned got canceled due to lack of attendance. Sigh. My 15 minutes of fame, deleted! Woe is me.
Mistress Matisse on words and the GOP campaign. Beautiful.
– If I see one more person equate dislike of Sarah Palin with sexism, I may punch somebody. If she were a man who held the same positions I’d hold him in just as much contempt, so it’s not sexism that makes me dislike her. It’s principle. I don’t like people of any gender who tout the ideas she does. She loses extra points for her abuse of the English language (see Matisse’s piece above) — which also has nothing to do with her gender.
– I got the final dose of my rabies vaccine last week and will be handling bats this weekend for the first time! I’ll also be getting the equipment and some basic training so I can be on call to pick up injured bats. WOO HOO!

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