Well, I had a whole little entry written up here, but it got eaten by my browser (stupid plugins trying to protect me from the javascript in Movable Type, grr). It basically said: I was going to post earlier today about the election and urge everyone to vote, but I’m too tired. I’m sick of this damn election and want it to be over.
I gave mad props to my fellow Americans who voted, and extra props to those who voted Obama.
Then I politely suggested that anybody who voted for McCain, Prop 4, or Prop 8 do us both a favor and not tell me. Not for a while, at least. Especially not if any of those three actually win. Because my Deal With Douchebaggery meter is in the flashing red, and I consider a vote for any of those three a vote against pretty much everything I stand for. And if any of those three win, I am going to be pretty fucking pissed off. (For one of the best skewerings of McCain in a while, check out The Daily Show’s segment on his use of air quotes. His use of scare quotes around the “health” of women makes me ill. The man has no respect for women at all. Also, there’s a great No on 8 ad here. And another here.)
Tonight I’m sacking out with Antwon and watching feelgood TV interspersed with election coverage (hopefully the Stewart/Colbert coverage. I’ve heard rumors it’s tape-delayed tonight, but I’ve also heard it will be live, so we’ll see). And drinking. And praying.

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