Ebert, wtf?

I’ve always held Roger Ebert in great esteem, and been particularly fond of his written reviews. But his review of “Inkheart” makes me wonder if he fell asleep during the middle. For one thing, he describes Dustfinger as a villain. If he’s a villain, then so’s Han Solo.
Furthermore, Ebert posits that no child, after seeing this, will want to be read aloud to again. This tells me that he definitely missed something. The whole point of the movie is that reading aloud is wonderful and brings things to life out of the book. Sure, if you do it wrong, you can mess things up, but what kid wouldn’t want to bring their favorite character out of a book? Heck, it’s reading that saves the whole world in the end! GRAH.
I am so disappointed in Roger Ebert right now. I can handle the occasional goof in a review; nobody remembers everything perfectly, especially when they’ve been seeing 300+ movies a year for their whole career. But come on. This is just ridiculous.

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