2008 Book Wrap-up

Somewhat belated, a list of the books I read last year!

  1. Surviving a Borderline Parent
  2. Mossad Exodus
  3. The Lost One: A Life of Peter Lorre
  4. Deja Dead
  5. Healing the Child Within
  6. Women, Work, And Autoimmune Disease
  7. Rain Fall
  8. The Adventures of Dr. McNinja, Vol. 1
  9. Agents of Light and Darkness
  10. Science Fiction Omnibus
  11. Iron Man (movie novelization)
  12. Califia’s Daughters
  13. Making Money
  14. Sandman: The Dream Hunters
  15. Swordspoint

Fifteen. Not bad! But not great. One of my goals for this year is to finish more books than last year. (I’d aim for 52 like Elke but I am too fond of dense nonfiction and too short on time for reading to make that goal actually happen.) I still have my requirement in place that I’m not allowed to buy new books until I’m down to 180 books in my unread category (and once I get there, after one book-buying splurge, I have to get down to 160!). Exceptions are made for my collections, though — Pratchett and Gorey in particular. And for classes. And books I’m given or which I get for free also don’t count.
Anybody want to bet I won’t see 180 any time soon?

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