By Alan Moore
I’ve read this a couple of times now, and I always seem to find new things each time I reread it. I still love Rorschach, even though I’m more painfully aware of his hypocrisy than ever. I actively dislike Adrian now, which is funny as my dear friend Annie adores him and we usually fangirl the same people. He may be the fiercest bitch in Watchmanland and the smartest man in the world, but his vagina-squid plot just gets stupider each time I read it. Utterly in character, mind you (the reasons it wouldn’t work tie into human nature, of which he has a rather skewed view), but still. BAH. Dan is still awesome, though. I’m not sure I forgive him for just shutting his eyes to the shit that goes down at the end, but otherwise I adore him.
Great book, full of characters who suck to varying degrees. Gotta love it.
Book 11 in 2009.

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