Chondromalacia Strikes Back!

So, as I’ve bitched about before, I have knee problems. When I was about 12, I was diagnosed with Chondromalacia Patellae, which is a collection of symptoms and has no set treatment or cure. In short, when I do things like climb stairs, run, or ride a bike, it makes my knees hurt. A lot. So does doing nothing, which is really unfair. Or sitting with my legs crossed for too long. Or whatever.
Anyway. They’ve gotten better over the years — until recently. I think that all the work I did getting ready for my brown belt exam pissed ’em off and now every little thing sets off the left one, which has always been worse.
So, I’m going to make the rounds. Again.

See, when I was a kid and started having issues, mom took me to an orthopedist. He didn’t have much in the way of a solution, just a diagnosis, so we saw another. Who had some ideas, which helped for a bit, but then my knees got worse again. So we saw another. And another. And another. I ignored the docs who were unhelpful, tried the treatment options that were rational (including physical therapy and getting orthotic inserts), and saw a ton of orthopedists — all the ones in our medical group, plus one down at Kerlan-Jobe. Eventually we found a treatment collection that worked pretty well, and my knees improved.
The thing is, when one doc couldn’t help me out, we saw another. Lather, rinse, repeat. It sucks and I hated it — I can only imagine how annoying it was to Mom, who had to schedule and schlepp and pay for it all. But I gotta do it again, because I can’t even go swimming without my knee pitching a fit. I’m talking swimming freestyle and hardly kicking here, too, not doing laps of hardcore breaststroke or something. I’ve used my cane more in the last six months than since I bought the darn thing. Not okay.
I have an appointment next week with one Dr. Jaureguito, who comes highly recommended, so we’ll see what he has to say. If nothing else, Mom and her friends are hitting LA this fall, so if I haven’t found a solution by then I’ll hitch a ride and hit Kerlan-Jobe again.
Wish me luck!

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