The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous, and Broke

By Suze Orman
This is a pretty awesome book for folks in the 20-35 range looking to get a handle on their finances. Suze lays everything out in her classic, no-bullshit style. I don’t agree with everything she says (she insists couples who live together have a joint checking account but never says why, and her system for dividing expenses between couples sort of assumes that neither person is ever going to be unemployed), but most of her stuff is really good. She has a bunch of info online too, though you need a code from the book to get access.
She lays out plans of attack, talks budgeting (though without simple, pat answers to everything), explains complex stuff in straightforward terms, and generally gives young folks everything we need to get ourselves on our financial feet. I was very pleased to note that I was already doing most of the stuff she recommended (like focusing on paying off debt before trying to start saving). Woo!
Book 15 in 2009.

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