Linkage: New Commandments

Man, I’ve been quiet. Things are crazybusy in meatspace, and Twitter relieves my frequent urge to share stupid little crap, so… yeah. Quiet. But that’s why we have RSS, right?
I do, however, want to log on here briefly to share this: Irshad Manji’s blog and specifically her entry on Dana Gallagher‘s new version of the Ten Commandments. They are:

I: Love yourself unconditionally.
II: Love others unconditionally.
III: Don’t confuse loving with shoving.
IV: Corruption happens.
V: Keep your laws on your own naughty bits.
VI: Challenge the “bros before hoes” approach to religion.
VII: Be not afraid of scientists.
VIII: Polar bears are God’s creatures, too.
IX: Keep your candle lit.
X: Know when to be humble.

Read the full entry for commentary on each one. Good stuff.
Thanks to Dad for the link!

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