I’ve been reading Havi’s Blog a lot lately, and from there I got linked to a blog where I got linked to a blog where I saw a class on how to find Your Thing.
I didn’t sign up for the class because I’m having enough trouble keeping up with the classes I’m already a part of, but it did get me thinking. What might My Thing ™ be? You know, something I could make a living at and would love. I was noodling on the subject in the elevator on my way down to lunch and it struck me thati would really, really love to do something involved with books. Not ebooks, actual physical books. I’ve written before about my love affair with the physical book.
I’ve daydreamed about becoming a book binder/repairer (there’s one in Santa Cruz!). I’ve muttered about how there really ought to be a service that specializes in moving books (and can actually pack them without DAMAGING THEM GOD WTF IS WRONG WITH MOVERS SERIOUSLY). And I love the activity of organizing books. I’m actually looking forward to taking a couple weekends this fall and reorganizing my library, complete with using a little labelmaker to do library-style labels on the spines.
And it struck me, as I stood in the elevator today: I wonder if people would actually pay me to be a library-organizer-type-person for them? I’d probably be even faster at organizing someone else’s library because I wouldn’t see a book and find myself standing there remembering how Mom gave it to me, or thinking about some other piece of personal history. I probably would have trouble with wanting to stand and flip through books (a common issue with me in other people’s libraries) but I bet I could work around that.
I would absolutely love to have it be my job to organize people’s book collections, complete with labels on the spines and a LibraryThing (or something similar) account so they could look up the location of a book easily. Hell, I’m tempted to set up to do it freelance and see if there’s a market.
What do y’all think, my three faithful readers? Would you pay someone to organize your books?

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