You know what this blog needs? More hippie crap!

So, people I talk to IRL know I am a semi-new rabid disciple of Havi Brooks. I’m working my way through her archives, and holy moly her Blogging Therapy series is getting to me.

And then I hung out with Pace and Kyeli of The Freak Revolution and confessed that I’d fallen off the 52 Weeks To Awesome wagon. Pace sweetly offered to restart my course, and OMG THIS TIME I AM DOING IT FOR REALS YOU GUYS!

I have decided that I wanna write about the work I do in the course here — if only because some of it might actually be useful. See, the first mission for 52WtA involves making your space more conducive to becoming more awesome, and I immediately knew what that meant.

I get my best work done when my space and schedule are tidy. And if you have Googled professional organizers, you know I’m not alone in 1, feeling that way and 2, having a hell of a time getting there.

So! I’m gonna launch an effort to get this shit under control, yo. I love Havi’s Friday Chickens, so I’ll do that.


The Hard

A ton of doctor appointments. Flying back from Austin (where I was over the weekend), the sharp intermittent pain I’ve had in my head for a while came and just sat there for like 10 minutes, so I went to the doctor. This, on top of the other appointments I had this week, pushed me to a total of four appointments, two Wednesday and two Thursday. That sucked.You’d think after all these years with Fibro I’d be used to having a jillion doc appointments all the time, but I still don’t like it. It just reminds me that I’m not healthy. Boooo.

I keep putting off a phone call for my Super Secret Project (no, I’m not telling you what it is. It’s a secret, durr. All will be revealed in due time, I promise). I made every other phone call on my list, but not that one. Blargh.

The Good

The head pain turned out to be a squished nerve in my neck! My GP (a young sports medicine guy I adore) told me to do neck stretches and take some anti-inflammatories for a few weeks. It was not a brain tumor or anything like that, hooray!

I cleaned off my desk at work. Anybody who has seen my cube (or my desk at home) knows I’m one of those super-messy-desk people. I loathe the clutter but have trouble battling it. Well, the battle on the surface of my desk at work: won! I still have to do UNDER the desk, but this part of the Chicken is about celebrating. So: YAY CLEAR DESKTOP!

New Missions

Make the damn phone call.

Spend 15 minutes a day working on my home and work spaces. I’m gonna set a timer on my cellphone and just. do. it.

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